Mental Health

Hermana Luna believes that mental health is contingent upon holistic reintegration of our biological, emotional and social needs. When our bodies receive proper nutrition, our brains are able to release the appropriate balance of chemicals for emotional equilibrium. This allows us to process and respond to adversities and challenges of life. Research has demonstrated a link between depression and inflammation of the brain. Plant Based nutrition is known to reduce inflammation of the brain while at the same time provide the critical nutrients to combat and prevent mental illnesses.


In addition, immersion and interaction with nature and plants have demonstrated high success for treatment outcomes. The cyclical patterns of nature allow us to find peace and acceptance in birth, death, and transitional phases in life. Observing and interacting with nature help us have a deeper understanding of our symbiotic dependency with our ecosystem and realize our place in the cosmos.


The sensory stimulation found in nature, such as chirping of birds, the smell of mesquite trees and colorful patterns, brings us into awareness of the present moment and create hormonal responses that help us regulate our stress response system.


Hermana Luna provides workshops for mental health professionals as well as the community who are interested in horticultural therapy and plant-based interventions to address and prevent mental illnesses.

Heart Properties

Reasons to Go Vegan

Avoid plaque buildup in your blood vessels and lower your risk of heart disease by eating a plant-based diet.

Following are eight of the many ways a plant-based diet can protect your heart from disease:

“People say eat everything in moderation, and I tell people that moderation results in moderate disease instead of severe disease”
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